EdutechTM Give your teachers, staff, and pupils the latest technology at no cost or risk to your school!

Providing the latest technology devices is expensive, but Edutech removes the costs of doing so, allowing you to invest budget in other areas.

Edutech brings significant savings to your technology spending, allowing teachers, staff and/or pupils to select the latest devices through our fully managed service.

This includes an online ordering portal, management reporting and full support, all of which is provided free of charge to your school.



Schools are under continued pressure to provide the latest technology devices, however, due to increasing costs, many schools cannot afford to meet this demand.

Edutech will immediately remove this pressure with a solution developed to provide minimal administration, streamlined processes and maximum savings.



With our cost management and consultative approach, we already provide significant savings to the many schools and colleges we work with, as well as tremendous savings to teachers, staff, and pupils when they select their device through our Edutech platform.

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Edutech platform

Edutech is branded for you at no cost and has all the legislation, processes, tax efficiencies, financing options and management reporting built in, so it can be quickly implemented for you to take advantage of the savings immediately.

We supply the latest devices from leading high street brands, deliver, and provide support throughout, including insurance and warranty registration and claims management.


For teachers and staff

Edutech for teachers and staff provides savings of up to 50 percent off the equivalent high street prices with no credit checks or upfront costs, and simple payments through salary.

Your school will make significant savings by not having to pay for the latest devices and because payment is made through salary, you’ll also benefit from a reduction in your employer’s Class 1A National Insurance Contributions.

With no costs or risks to you, and great savings for teachers and staff, Edutech is extremely popular with high participation rates.

The order process is straightforward, we’ll provide you with a school branded portal where teachers and staff can review the school-approved technology devices and sign up, and after you’ve approved the order, delivery is made. It really is that simple!


For Pupils

Edutech for pupils is a 'parent partnership' programme, providing pupils with the technology devices they need to enrich their learning experience, at no cost or risk to your school. We manage the entire programme on your behalf, so you can focus on what’s important.

Edutech offers a variety of payment options for parents including direct debit, personal finance and debit/credit card facilities and our no-cost, fully managed service provides a school branded portal and ‘on the ground support’ to ensure a smooth roll-out and maximum parent participation!